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Technology and Chrome Books

Blended learning is the use of technology tools in the classroom to support learning. Webber has embraced the implementation of technology. Webber students have one-to-one Chrome Books in our Transitional Kindergarten through Sixth.
Technology is at Webber's fingertips. Students and teachers have been given access to Google tools such as those for word processing, presentations and spreadsheets that can be viewed by and shared with others. Programs such as Lexia, Google Classroom, ST Math, Accelerated Reader and ALEKS are also useful tools to support learning. These programs are accessed in the classroom and can also be accessed from your home on computers, tablets and smartphones.
We are excited to embrace technology and help prepare your child for the future.
Chromebook Login Instructions:
Open your device and power it on. Make sure you have your computer login Username and Password available for use.
Enter your Username. Upon booting up, the device should ask for your username and password.